#5287 – A Year of Firsts

Good morning people who are willing to take steps of faith as initiated by Father.

2023 will be a year of “firsts” and “abundance” IN GOD.

From the right foundation of IN GOD, I declare that Father has some “firsts” for you to step into.

Some may be a seemingly insignificant “first”, but it is a “first” nonetheless.

After Father spoke this word to me back on December 5th, I realise that I have been invited to speak at our home church on New Year’s Day. Yes, it is just another day, but it is the “first” time I have every ministered on the “first” Sunday of a new year, and the date is the “first” of January. There is something significant IN GOD about this divine appointment!

For some of you, I can sense a stirring in your heart right now as you are thinking about some things that you feel to step out into next year. There are some “firsts” that you know originate from the Father, and as I am speaking into your heart, there is a YES exploding! Praise God!

For others, maybe your focus has been simply on finishing 2022. Maybe this year has been marked by difficulty and challenges. The reality is, this is a common analysis of 2022 among many that I have spoken to.

I believe Father sees this and knows this, and I release Holy Spirit comfort, healing and courage to you right now in this moment. Receive His grace, mercy and love.

But I also want to lovingly and prophetically lift your vision from what was to what is yet to come.

My prayer for you over the coming few days is that Father starts to ignite “firsts” in your spirit. I ask this in faith and I ask this for the furtherance of God’s kingdom and for God’s glory.