#5284 – Preparation Matters

Good morning people who are prepared for all that God wants to do.

I heard the Lord say, “Write on preparation matters.”

When He said this, I wasn’t sure what He was saying. And then I started to lean in.

Many people are preparing for Christmas celebrations today, tomorrow or Boxing Day. In fact, some people have been preparing for days, which to have a successful “event”, this is necessary.

But how much time, focus and effort do we spend preparing for all that God wants to do in us and through us?

These are days to live prepared in our hearts for God to move powerfully and personally!

These are days to walk with our Lord and to saturate ourselves in the truth of who He is and all that He has declared in His Word.

These are days to be prepared for Christ’s return – not only that we are ready, but that we also take many other people with us.

It’s preparation time for kingdom purpose!