#5226 – Believing In Jesus

Good morning people whose message results in people believing in Jesus.

John 17:20 NIV “My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message.”

I know this is the fourth day I’ve written on this single verse, but I keep on hearing the Spirit whisper more as I mediate on it (something He loves to do if we will take time).

The purpose of our message is not for people to believe us. Please read this wording slowly and clearly.

Us being believed, us being right, us being heard, our message – none of this is the focus, nor is it the destination. It’s not about our message.

Jesus did not pray that people would believe our message.

Jesus prayed that people would believe in Him through our message.

It’s about people believing in Jesus!

It’s about people accepting Jesus!

It’s about people encountering Jesus!

The question is not about our message, but it is about people and Jesus.

When you share something on Facebook or Instagram, is your focus on your message, or is it on people believing in Jesus through your message?

I dare say that some Christians need to stop posting their messages, and I feel the fruit backs this statement up.  

Your message is important, and its validity is found in how much it points people to Jesus.

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