#5132 – Jesus Loves His Father

Good morning dearly loved friends of Jesus and children of the Father.

John 14:15 NIV “If you love me, keep my commands.”

Jesus is saying this to His disciples. If we profess to love Jesus, we will do what He says. Our obedience is not to be loved – our obedience is because we are loved.

Jesus modelled this so perfectly. Jesus loves His Father more than human words can express. Jesus and His Father have eternally existed in oneness of heart. Their love is perfect.

Because of this unswerving love Jesus has for His Father, He fully obeyed Him in every moment. Jesus only did what He saw His Father do. Jesus submitted His will to His Father’s will, even when there was a difference of wills.

Jesus was not focused on doing what He wanted to do or doing what was easiest in the moment. Being betrayed by one of His closest friends and being horrifically crucified, humiliated and shamed was not a desire that Jesus had. It was a holy commission from His Father.

And because Jesus loves His Father, and because Jesus and His Father love you and I so much, Jesus obeyed, yes, even to the point of death. This is what God’s love looks like. Jesus is what God the Father’s love looks like.

Jesus kept His Father’s commands because He loved His Father and because He loves us.