#5111 – Jesus is Truth

Good morning people who are planted deeply into truth.

John 14:2 NIV “My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?”

Jesus reveals a constant essential truth in this verse. It is consistent with what He declares about Himself just a few verses later in John 14:6 when He declares, “I am the truth.”

Jesus is the Truth; this is who He is. He doesn’t just speak what is true, although everything He says is true. It goes much deeper than this. He is Truth.

As the Truth, Jesus always speaks the truth. In this verse, He is talking about His Father’s house and the many rooms in it. This is a deep profound truth that is not easily understood. Jesus knows that even His disciples might struggle with what He is saying.

So, in essence He declares, “If what I am saying is not true, I wouldn’t say it.”

I have always smiled when I have meditated on the scriptures where Jesus is talking and He starts with the words, “Truly I tell you.” To me, they are redundant, because everything Jesus says is the truth, because He is the Truth.

But in these moments – and in the verse above – Jesus highlights the fact that He is speaking the truth because He knows that we too often get stuck in our own natural way of thinking. It’s understandable that we think, “That’s not possible.” And from a human standpoint, that’s true.

But God is not natural. God is not limited. God is not bound by the laws that He created to govern the earth.

God is spiritual, eternal, all-powerful. God is without limit and infinite.

God is Truth and all that He speaks is true. Of this we can always be confident.