#5100 – Accurate Representation

Good morning people who are clear signposts to what God is actually like.

I heard the Lord say, “Accurate representation is your commission from Me this year. In every situation, in every conversation, in every moment of ministry, I am commissioning you to accurately represent Me and My words and My heart. That’s it. Nothing more and nothing less. Don’t measure by people’s responses. Measure by your sensitivity to Me and your obedience to Me. That’s it.”

I heard the Father repeating this today to me and to every believer.

Impressing people must never be our goal. The moment making everyone happy becomes forefront in our minds, we will compromise on truth. These are days where this is being highlighted more than ever before.

But I am convinced that we can accurately represent God in every moment. This does not mean everyone will like us – many didn’t like Jesus. And maybe this reality is something we need to settle today as Christians.

Being liked is not the goal. Being godly is the goal.

Appeasing people is not the goal. Pleasing God is the goal.

Sometimes we represent God most when we are willing to suffer the most. Now this doesn’t preach well, but it is what Jesus told us would happen.

So I propose to you today, maybe representing God looks different than we sometimes think.

Are you intentional each day in your representation of God?