#4743 – The Bible Says

Good morning people whose lives are anchored deeply in God’s Word

Three words that mean everything: The Bible says.

I heard a preacher recently say, “The Bible says” and then he quoted God’s Word. I have heard this phrase many times, and I have quoted it myself many times.

But this statement is as powerful right now as it was the first time that it was uttered: The Bible says!

Oh, the difference in our lives if every believer said these words often and lived by what is written and declared!

When we have questions, “The Bible says…”

When we have doubts, “The Bible says…”

When the world dictates what we are to believe and tells us what we can and cannot say, “The Bible says…”

When feelings and thoughts are ruling and robbing God’s sons and daughters of their victory, joy and peace, “The Bible says…”

Do you know what the Bible says?

Do you meditate on it and quote it often?

Do you live by it moment by moment, every day?

In your situation right now, what does the Bible say?