#4742 – Freedom Attached

Good morning people who walk in freedom through submission

Here’s a big statement that the Lord spoke to me about submission:

Spiritual slavery is often the result of people saying. “No one will take away my freedom and tell me what to do!”

You might want to read that again (or maybe not).

Submission doesn’t mean you ask for advice and then choose to do what you want anyway. Too many Christians do this, suffer the consequences and then blame God or someone else!

I thrive today in my life and ministry because I am submitted to my Dad as my spiritual father. If he tells me not to do something, then I submit to him, even if I want to do it.


Because I know that God smiles on submission, and that my freedom and protection is attached to it!

Today, I simply and sincerely pray that the Holy Spirit reveals the spiritual reality that is attached and released through our natural submission to all authority.

May God’s life flow in Jesus’ name.