#4490 – Truth Determinant

Good morning people who base your lives on the living Word of God

Truth is under attack. Truth is being subverted for feelings and desires. Truth is seen as legalism.

Yet Truth is Life; Jesus is Life and Jesus is Truth!!

Everything God has declared is truth. His plans and His purposes are truth. His nature and His character is truth. His ways and His thoughts are truth. God is Truth!

The news is not truth! While the news contains some facts – and I do mean ‘some’ (and that is being generous) – by no means is the news truth.

As my Dad has always said, “Facts must be subject to truth.”

If we live our lives by facts, firstly, much of what we are living by is not even facts; it is the bias of someone’s personal agenda. Secondly, the joy and peace that we desire and God has promised cannot be found in living by facts.

Truth is where the freedom, life, joy, peace, healing, salvation and transformation we so desire is found! It is all contained in who God is, and it is released by living in relationship with Him and obedience to all that His Word declares.

It’s not complicated! But it goes against the flesh, the world and our natural appetites. It does cost, but it is oh so powerful!

What do you choose to live by today: Truth, facts or someone else’s’ personal agenda?

Choose truth. Choose Truth; choose Life in all His fulness!