#4394 – Boundary Lines

Good morning people who live free in all that God has given you

Psalms 16:6 NIV The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance.

A boundary line is a marker of what belongs to us. God has gifted us with more than we can ask, think or imagine – this is our inheritance! He is not a stingy God; He is an extravagant God!

All that we have from God is a gift. It is not earned. It is a result of grace and it is released through our faith. Once received, it is to be stewarded – that is, taken care of – but we must never confuse taking care of something with the need to earn something.

So where are the boundary lines placed?

In pleasant places! Oh how the enemy has lied to so many of us! He has tried to convince God’s children that God is trying to control us and that He is withholding from us. This is absolutely the opposite of the truth!

There is a connection between living within God’s prescribed boundary lines and receiving the fulness of the inheritance that He has lavished on us.

Freedom is the result of honouring the boundary lines of God, and it’s this freedom that is delightful.

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