#4393 – Directing the Troops

Good morning people who are good at following the commands of God

Directing the troops in battle is focused on “This is what we are doing!”, not, “Do this if you would like to be involved.”

While obeying the commands of God do not save us (grace through faith is what saves us), they most definitely keep us safe from a lot of unwanted heartache. Yes, trouble comes to us all, but I have experienced a lot of unnecessary and avoidable pain in my own life due to not doing what my Commanding Officer said. Many times, this was in a battle.

We never outgrow submission to God. You might be a senior leader, but you are still under the authority of God as much as those you have the privilege and responsibility of leading (some would argue even more). People follow us, so it is imperative we are leading them in the way they should go, that is, in the paths of God.

With the exception of the person who is at the very top, every other commanding officer is a person who themselves are under authority. For me personally, part of my protection and ability to thrive is connected to my submission to my oversight. This is true in the natural and it is true in the spiritual.

As I finish this today, I want to point us to the path of humility. God always knows best. God is always for us, not against us. God alone sees the big picture.

Do you need to take a moment and surrender all to the Master of your life today?

I will join you, and together, I pray we receive a deeper revelation of God’s ordained part for us in His divine plan. Amen.