#4387 – Increased Perspective

Good morning people whose sincere desire is to see as God sees

On top of a hill increases perspective; seeing correctly; seeing as God sees.

My greatest challenge in a dark valley is not the valley, but it is my perspective of the valley.

Have you ever seen two people go through the same extreme adversity, yet the result for one is deep encounters with God and a grace on them that is beautiful, while the other becomes bitter and ends up defiling others with their toxicity?

What makes the difference?

Only one thing: Perspective.

The important thing is not that we see something. This is vision and this is important. But perspective is more important and it is what sets the victorious apart from the victim.

Perspective is ‘the appearance of viewed objects with regard to their relative position, distance from the viewer’.

I love the picture Father is showing me! The primary ‘viewer’ here is God, not me. It’s not so much about how I see things, but how God sees things. It’s also about my distance from the Viewer, and that is, He so close that He is always with me and in me!!

May we have Father’s view of life. 

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