#4386 – Increased Visibility

Good morning people who choose to meet with God in times of challenge

On top of a hill increases visibility; the distance you can see.

Often when we are going through a dark valley, the valley itself appears to be all there is. Life presents us with many challenges and obstacles, and it is wrong for anyone to minimise another person’s pain and reality.

It’s in these times, that although very difficult, we are invited up on to the top of a hill with the Lord. Many of the most amazing encounters that people had with God in the Bible were in the most physically, emotionally and mentally challenging times of people’s lives. Caves, prisons, shipwrecks, a lion’s den and a fiery furnace all became places of encounters; they all became a hilltop experience with God.

The men and women in the Bible who turned places of confinement into hilltop experiences with God all made decisions. In their turning to God in times of extreme difficulty, they were transported spiritually to a hilltop where the Spirit showed them that the valley was only part of the picture! In the distance, there is an eternity for us all with God Himself!

There is an invitation from God to you today; an invitation to come up and meet with the Lord. As you do, you will see beyond the valley to a wonderful eternity with our God and Friend!