#4381 – Take Action

Good morning people who are resolved to actively fight with God’s Word

Action is required to take a sword from its sheath into a position of readiness against an enemy.

Swords don’t leap out of sheaths all by themselves. It requires action by a soldier to lay his hand on the handle and to actively take it out of its rested position into an active position.

A soldier who is going to win a battle doesn’t sit and simply wait for the attacking enemy to retreat and for the battle to be over. No, action is required!

There have been times that I have lost battles because I just wanted it to be over. In these times, my sword has remained in its sheath. It was the battle itself that I didn’t want to engage in.

Permit me to allow my transparency to be very real right now. Sometimes I feel like a victim, and it’s too hard, and “Woe is me!!” I don’t want to fight another battle! I want it to be easy. I want it to be over.

In these times, I never win. But when I participate with God and I rise up in faith and kingdom authority and I take the action of drawing the sword of God’s Word out of its sheath and use it against the enemy, I win!

Some of you need to get up off the mat of disappointment today. Some of you need to get up off the mat of defeat today. And I declare: You can in Jesus’ Name!!!

It’s time to take action again. 

Read more about taking action in a blog post: “Nothing Is Impossible”.


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