#4380 – Use Your Sword

Good morning people who engage in spiritual battles with God’s Word

You can lose a battle by having a sword on you, but not using it.

“I know what God’s Word says!” you snap at someone who is encouraging you with what God says about your situation.

While it is great to know what God’s Word says, this alone does not win battles. You must use your sword, not just have your sword!

I know this is similar to what I said a couple of days ago, but I feel a stirring to lean in further my friends.

God wants you to win every battle that you face! This does not mean that everything will go according to how you want it, but it is still a spiritual reality: God has equipped us by the power of His Word and the power of His Spirit to be more than conquerors through Christ Who gives us the strength!

Instead of arguing with logic, reason or common sense today, take God’s Word out of its sheath and use it as the powerful weapon that it is intended to be.