#4378 – A Drawn Sword

Good morning people who take the Word of God and use it powerfully

I see a soldier, with a drawn sword, standing on top of a hill, directing the troops in battle.

Let’s lean into the picture of a drawn sword.

Biblically, a sword often refers to the Word of God, and in the case of this prophetic picture, I believe this is what it means.

While a sword in the right hands is powerful, a sword in its sheath is useless.

The letters on a page are exactly that – letters on a page – unless we have received a revelation of the truth that is contained in God’s Word. And when it comes to the spiritual battles that we as spiritual soldiers are called to fight, that revelation needs to be used as a weapon by being released from our lips.

A sword on a shelf in the natural will not win a battle, and nor will God’s Word on your shelf win a battle in the spiritual realm.

In His time of temptation by the devil, Jesus took His sword out of the sheath and repeatedly declared, “It is written!” With a drawn sword, He overcame the enemy!

You and I will overcome the same way.