#4379 – Living Ready

Good morning people who hide God’s Word in your heart for the day of battle

A drawn sword speaks of readiness.

You must draw your sword before you can use your sword. But you must have a sword on you if you are going to draw it from its sheath to use it in a battle.

When you are in a battle, it’s too late to go looking for a sword.

The enemy coming against you is not going to politely stop and allow you to go and purchase a sword, take some lessons, practice for a while and then come back to where he is waiting for you. I know it sounds like a silly illustration, but I fear that too many Christians spiritually approach spiritual battles this way.

It’s time to prepare now. Not with a fatalistic outlook, but with a sense of conquest and with full assurance of our rightful, delegates authority that is available to us in Christ! Jesus prepared for His encounter with the enemy by storing the Word of God up in His heart when He was young. The writer of Psalm 119 did the same:

Psalms 119:11 NIV I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.

Do you have the Word of God in you so that you are ready whenever the enemy comes against you?