#4316 – God Conversations

Good morning people who love to talk about the things of God

How much of your time is spent talking about God and the things that He is revealing to you?

Obviously while you are working, your focus should be there and doing your job to the best of your ability; ‘as unto the Lord’. This is not the time to ‘rob’ from your employer by not doing your work because you are ‘witnessing’. No, our witness when we are being paid is by our honour to our employer.

A little side note: While we should honour God by honouring our employer when we are working, we can personally be in communication with God continually along the way. Don’t forget, God loves to be involved in every part of His children’s lives.

So in your leisure and relational times, how much attention does God get in your conversations?

I have a deep yearning to bubble over with my friends about what God is doing! Sometimes the chatter about sports and politics and work and “stuff” simply does not satisfy.

Now, I’m not saying talking about “life” is not important – please don’t hear what I am not saying – but let’s remember that “life” is actually about “Life Himself; the great I AM”!

So, how much does God and what He is doing get our attention ‘outside of Church’?

It’s time for some more God conversations.