#4239 – Joseph’s Life

Good morning people who submit to God’s Lordship

Was God sovereign in Joseph’s life?

Joseph’s life was a continual cycle of betrayal and abuse mixed in with blessing and favour. Have you ever felt like that was the story of your life?

You can find the full story of Joseph’s life in Genesis 37-50.

Here’s a brief summary of some of what Joseph went through:

At 17 years of age, Joseph had a dream from God about his future; it looked wonderful and exciting! As a result of this, his brothers were so jealous of him they threw him into a pit then sold him as a slave. He was purchased by Potiphar in the foreign land of Egypt. Can you imagine what this must have been like for him? Then he enjoyed God’s blessing and he must have thought things were turning around…and then he was falsely accused of rape and ended up in prison – all for doing the right thing! After some time in prison, the blessing started to flow again and I’m sure Joseph thought “Now things are turning around”. He helped someone out with a promise of being remembered – only to be forgotten for another two years! Joseph suffered thirteen long years of betrayal and abuse mixed in with blessing and favour. After being free it was another nine years before he saw his brothers again – the brothers who made his life difficult beyond comprehension.

What would Joseph, now the second most powerful man in the land, do to his brothers who caused him such hardship?