#4073 – Interpreting Accurately

Good morning people who hear what God says and see it accurately

I recently heard Father say this word for a church that I was ministering at:

I saw many people doing their own thing, and then I saw a greater coming together.

I instinctively interpreted this to mean, “You need to shift from doing your own thing, to having more unity as a Body of Believers.”

A couple of days later, (and thankfully before I shared it), Father showed me His intended positive meaning of this word. Here’s what He said to me:

“As each person picks up the holy call and commission during the week to do their own thing that I have assigned (what I have called you to do), the coming together for corporate times will be so much greater; they will be focused more on thanksgiving for what I have done!”

In that moment I realised how easy it is to negatively interpret what God has said. It’s so important to remember that He is always for us. So let’s hear what God says, and then let’s ask Him to accurately reveal to us what it looks like to Him.