#4074 – Today’s Victories

Good morning people who we created to live victorious

Yesterday’s strategies won’t work for today’s victories.

God told Moses to lift up his staff, and as a result, the Red Sea parted. Fast forward 40 years and the Jordan River stood between the Children of Israel and the Promised Land.

Obviously Joshua needed to find a staff and lift it up high.

But no, God gave a different instruction. This time God was going to do the same miracle of parting the waters by sending in the priests and the Levites – no staff was required.

The word ‘strategy’ means: ‘The art of planning and directing overall military operations and movements in a war or battle’

We need to realise that we are in a war and there are enemies to overcome. Yes, God is for us, and He is mighty through us, but we must understand that His instructions might not be the same as last time. We need to hear a fresh word of command from our Great Commander.

How does God want you to fight the battles that you are facing today?