#4053 – God Abounds

Good morning people who do not live in fear to evil

I want to declare something into your spirit today with great boldness:

It’s time to look for and celebrate what God is doing in the world!

In this time when evil is more visible because of media reach, we must not buy into the lie that the enemy is winning. The enemy is not more powerful than God, nor is He doing more evil than God is doing good!

It’s time to put it plainly and clearly:

God is doing more good in the world than the enemy is doing evil!

God wins and the devil loses – this is the end of the story!

But it is also the present reality!

Light is greater than darkness! It always has been and it always will be. But we must look for it.

We must be careful, that under the guise of “we must be informed”, that we are not “feeding ourselves” on that which produces fear.

The way to overcome darkness is to switch on the light, and it’s time for Believers to do this more and more.