#4049 – Identity & Affirmation

Good morning people who

John 15:14 NKJV You are My friends if you do whatever I command you.

We can be saved but not be walking as a friend of God.

Now before you stone me, this does not mean that God doesn’t love us or that Jesus’ sacrifice was insufficient. Not at all!

But we have all had times when, even though we are saved and even love God, we can live selfishly in a moment or even in a season.

In these times, we might not hear the verbalised affirmation of Father, even while He is still calls us back to Himself.

That said, the Father still speaks into and affirms our identity, even when our obedience is lacking. I am who I am, even if my life doesn’t reflect it.

What a powerful truth: Identity over behaviour.

So, what is Father saying?

Is His affirmation connected to our identity or to our obedience?

I believe the answer is both.

May we be people who walk in friendship with God and obedience to His instructions.

May we also be people who walk securely in our identity in Him, even when we struggle with moments of disobedience.