#3728 – Into God’s House

Good morning people who are empowered by what God has done

Psalm 5:7 NIV But I, by Your great LOVE, can come into Your house; in reverence I bow down toward Your holy temple.

The only reason we can have a relationship with God, the only reason we can approach His throne of grace with confidence, the only reason we can come into His house is because of His great LOVE.

God’s acceptance of me is based on His goodness, grace and LOVE.

My starting point with God is God.

Sometimes we don’t feel worthy, but the truth is, in and of ourselves, we are not worthy, nor can we be.

In Christ, we are worthy, but that is because we are in Christ.

Oh, it is time to truly and deeply come into a revelation that it is by God’s great LOVE – this is what makes the difference in our lives.  

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