#3654 – Giving & Withholding

Good morning people who give and withhold for the best of others

Like God, our LOVE will always give and it will always withhold.

Wisdom is needed to give the right thing and to withhold the right thing.

In some situations, LOVE requires words to be given, and silence to be withheld. While at other times, LOVE requires silence to be given, and words to be withheld.

The question is: For the purpose of LOVE, what do I need to give right now, and what do I need to withhold right now?”

When we give gentleness and withhold harshness, we show LOVE. But when we give harshness and withhold gentleness, we do not show LOVE.

May we discern what to give and what to withhold so that LOVE is glorified by us and He is also seen in us.