#3443 – God Speaks

Good morning people who are honoured to have God acknowledge them 

Sometimes we focus more on what God said, than the fact that God is speaking. 

Think about this today; Almighty God, Maker of all that is truly good, He speaks to His children!!! 

When it comes to natural relationships, sometimes we deeply want a certain person to acknowledge us, if not to talk to us. 

Sometimes, if we are not careful, people’s acknowledgement of us and conversation with us can ‘make or break’ our lives. 

This is what God’s Word says about Jesus acknowledging us:

Matthew 10:32 NIV Whoever acknowledges Me before others, I will acknowledge before My Father in heaven

Jesus acknowledges us before our Father in heaven – WOW, what an incredible honour and privilege!!! 

You are so special that God is talking about you in heaven! 

You are also so special that God is talking to you from heaven!

Let’s never outgrow the wonder of God speaking to us.