#3442 – Intimacy First

Good morning people who walk in step with Father’s priorities 

Sometimes we sacrifice intimacy for expediency. 

In this time where busyness, results and expediency are almost worshipped, adjustments need to be made. 

The most important thing is not how quickly and efficiently you get the job done or the quality of your work. 

Yes, it is important to give our best, but our best is first and foremost to be given to God Himself. 

Intimacy with God is far more important than how we work for God, and this will never change. 

Again, I’m not advocating laziness – not at all – but I am pointing us to the right focus, flow and priority. 

It’s always loving God above doing tasks. 

It’s always loving people above doing tasks. 

It’s always intimacy over expediency.