#1306 – Innocent

Good morning people completely forgiven by God,

Acts 20:26 Therefore, I declare to you today that I am innocent of the blood of all men.

Paul, previously called Saul – a terrorist and a murderer – declared he was innocent of the blood of all men.

Here we see a man who had completely settled his past and allowed what God had done for him to be greater than what he had done to others. His sins were terrible, but they were forgiven.

Have you settled your past?

You may have done terrible things, but the power of them to continue to have a controlling influence in your life is only to the degree that you retain them. God invites you to give Him everything, yes even your past sins.

You, like Paul, can stand innocent before God of that which you have previously done. This is the power of the cross! This is the power of Christ! This is the power available to you today!

Will you receive it? Will you let the past die, once and for all? Will you dare to see yourself as God sees you?

If you are forgiven, you are completely forgiven and God remembers your sins no more.

We should do the same.