#1294 – God Group

Good morning people who yearn for God more,

Recently I was in Brisbane and had a great time with some wonderful people of God. As I was sitting in my room preparing to meet with them, I was thinking about the Lord and how amazing He is. I was gripped by a burning desire to know Him better and love Him more. I know that this pursuit is the greatest key to everything we need and so often chase after.

As I was chatting with God, I felt it would be a wonderful idea for people to get together just to talk about God. As I said this, I felt the Holy Spirit say, “People don’t want to do this. They want to talk about God and…”. I realise this is so often true.

But I wonder what it would do to our lives if we got together with some friends just to talk about God?

To leave no doubt about what I am saying, I mean getting together with people who have committed to keeping it all about God for that hour or two. I’m talking about asking each other what they have discovered about God recently and learning about God from each other’s journey. I’m talking about reading God’s Word with the sole focus of looking for revelation of Who God is. I’m talking about praying together and listening to the Holy Spirit as He shares His heart with us.

I’m talking about getting together regularly just to talk about God – not God and….!