#1276 – Up To Us

Good morning people who live responsibly,

I feel to challenge us all to take greater responsibility for our own spiritual growth.

Too often we blame others for where we are at. Let’s face it, that’s easier than taking responsibility…but it’s not right and it’s disempowering.

I’ve made a choice that I will not allow my spiritual growth to be limited by what others feed me. I’ve made a decision to feed myself on the things of God: prayer, worship, the Word, godly relationships, great books, pod-casts…anything that feeds my spirit and draws me closer to God. I’m not going to wait for someone to spoon feed me – I’m going to initiate feeding myself.

And I’m not going to just nibble occasionally. I’ve made a choice to feast regularly on godly things. I’m not just going to read the Bible occasionally – I’m going to feast regularly on the precious Word of God. I’m not just going to listen to and talk to God occasionally – I’m going to keep an attentive ear continually and chat to God throughout every day. I’m going to take responsibility for my spiritual growth – now that’s empowering!

I realise that too often people limit their spiritual development to an hour or two on the weekend at Church. This ought not to be because it is impossible to grow spiritually if that is your only input.

So often we focus on what happens in Church to fuel us for the week, but I feel God would say that what happens during our week affects what happens in Church too. Many people don’t get much out of Church because they don’t put much in to their relationship with Him during the week. Church is not a slot machine – it is, among other things, an opportunity to corporately celebrate what we are allowing God to do in us during the week.

It’s time for some to step up in feeding yourself during the week. Don’t limit yourself by what others can give – it’s time to feed yourself.

Will you accept God’s invitation to take more responsibility for your spiritual growth next year?