#1245 – Restorative God

Good morning people who serve a redemptive God

(By David McCracken)

Job 24:12 (NKJV) The dying groan in the city, and the souls of the wounded cry out; yet God does not charge them with wrong.

This verse refers to the cries of those wounded by life.

Friends, society is filled with wounded, hurting people. From the beggar in the street to the millionaire in his mansion, no part of society is exempt. And many of these wounded people end up in church and/or end up in your home meeting or your youth department. They come bruised and bleeding, sometimes openly, sometimes well disguising the pain they carry within.

And Father is receiving them with mercy.

But through whom will God bring His healing, restorative work?

I believe that it is through those whose own scars qualify them to be touched with the cries of others.

I have found that every person through whose heart God’s redemptive work flows is a person who has had to experience that redemption and healing themselves.

Friends, our Father is the Ultimate Redeemer and can bring life from out of your darkest hour when it is surrendered to Him.

I rejoice in God’s redemptive grace.

(Today’s BIY written by David McCracken)