#1135 – Communication

Good morning people who listen to others

(By Margaret McCracken)

It is hard to be successful in life if we communicate badly. That is – we are characterised by being insensitive, harsh, unfair, explosive, unkind, rude etc.

Good friends communicate well. That means they give time for it, they prioritise it. Good communicators know how to listen. They convey to their friend, “I want to know what’s on your mind. I want to really hear what you have to say”. It’s not thinking, “Hurry up. I have something important to say”. It is valuing that person enough to really listen and to try and understand them. It takes humility. It’s sharing together. It is honesty and openness with sensitivity. It’s choosing your wording sensitively and choosing the right time, always motivated by love.

Friends share together and they laugh and cry together. Friends can have fun together.

Good friends are attentive, have good eye contact, smile warmly and convey by touch or a hug (where appropriate)