#1109 – Be Careful

Good morning people who imbibe of that which is holy

I feel a strong urge to ask what we fix our eyes on. I don’t mean just our natural sight, although this is definitely a part of it. I am talking about what we spend our time imbibing of; who we hang out with, the music we listen to and the entertainment we watch.

We want to be like Jesus. The way this happens is to fix our eyes on Him and to imbibe of Who He is and to listen and live by what He says in His Word. What we partake of regularly affects our lives and we should be partaking of God and His Word; not just a little bit, but feasting on His Word and focusing on Him regularly.

You see what’s in our vision affects our lives.

I’m going to get personal and challenging this morning because I care about you too much to be silent. I especially want to challenge the young people today to listen to what I am about to say – it just might save your life.

Much of the music and movies these days blatantly push morals and ethics that are the opposite of what God is like. Yet because it is only music or only a movie we think it’s OK. But then we find ourselves struggling to be like Jesus. We find ourselves struggling to be respectful, moral, truthful and godly…yet we continue to feed ourselves on stuff that we are trying to get rid of in our lives.

Wisdom says, “Stop putting that stuff into your life in the first place!”

I’m not talking about being legalistic and not listening to or watching anything. But I am asking you what that singer (not just their songs) or that movie are characterised by and known for. If it is something different to the follower of Jesus that you want to be, stop putting it in you in the first place. It’s not just music or a movie; it’s preaching a philosophy of life to you. Many times people struggle to be like Jesus because so much of what is in them has obscured Him from their vision. If you have to fight regularly to have Jesus in your vision maybe it’s time to look at why