#1048 – About You

Good morning people who have the mind of Christ

Do you know what your friends think about you?

It’s interesting to hear the really nice things people say about someone at their birthday party, their wedding, their funeral or some other significant time in their life. It’s always nice to hear nice things about ourselves.

Do you know what God says about you?

Have you ever asked Him what He thinks of you?

Sometime back, when I was really struggling with perfectionism and being bound by guilt and accusation, I remember in desperation asking God what He thought of me.

I probably assumed His response would be summed up something like this, “Come on – get your act together! You should know better!”

Here’s the picture He gave me.

“I saw a picture of myself standing in a pure white robe. It was spotless, except for one little smudge down the bottom right hand side of the white garment. As I noticed it, Jesus Himself bent down and wiped away the smudge.”

I still get goose-bumps when I think about the vividness and meaning of this picture to me at that time in my life. It still means so much to me.

I encourage you to ask God what He thinks of you. I believe that most of us would honestly be surprised and amazed if we heard what God truly feels.

”Father, I am asking You, in your love and your goodness, to show each of my friends reading this, what You honestly feel towards them. May they know the depths of Your heart for them. Please speak in a way they may hear and understand. Thanks God; You’re amazing!”