#1049 – New Level

Good morning people God desires to be with

Recently I have felt God calling me up to a higher level.

There is a deep desire in my heart to be more intimate with God. I want to know His heart more. I want to know what He feels and thinks about different situations. I want to be a man who is spiritually minded in every circumstance. I want to walk closely with my God. I want a greater awareness of His presence and His desire every moment of every day.

Let me mention a couple of things that I believe will help this become more and more of a reality in my life.

I know I need to hunger and thirst after God more than I currently do. I’m not talking about striving or putting man-imposed requirements on my relationship. But I do know that sometimes the yearning in my heart is not burning within me like it should. I want to live in this world but keep my heart fixed on God so that I am not of this world
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