#1025 – Awaiting Victory

Good morning people awaiting God’s promises

Jesus Christ died so that we could live. Jesus Christ was separated from the Father so that we could come close to Him. Jesus Christ lived for us and He also died for us.

I’m not sure of all that happened in the spiritual realm during the time that Jesus was dead. But I am sure that Satan believed he had won this battle; this war for supremacy against the anointed Son of God.

Sometimes we may feel like hope is gone. We may feel defeated by the enemy. For some, you may feel like life is a death experience with no hope of resurrection.

But I want to declare that the resurrection life that flowed in Jesus Christ flows in all those who put their confidence and trust in Him!

I declare to you today that the enemy has not won the war in your life if you can only but believe again. He thought he had won over Jesus Christ. Everything appeared dead and lifeless. Victory was assured…

…but then came Resurrection Sunday!!!!

And so it can be for you today! Hold on to hope. Stay anchored to faith. Dare to believe that God’s power is available to you. Do not give in to the enemy; he is a defeated foe!!!

James 4:7 Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

I prophesy a new day into your life in Jesus’ Name. I prophesy life to your bones and hope to your spirit. I declare the enemy shall not win in your situation. I declare that tomorrow is Resurrection Sunday!!!