#895 – Nathan’s Thoughts

Good morning wonderful children of God

Today’s BIY is based in a recent conversation between a friend of mine and his five year old son. It was so special that I have asked and received permission to bless you with it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Let me allow my friend to tell his story.

I was saying goodnight to my boys tonight and Nathan wanted to ask a question. It went something like this (most of this is word for word as I remember it).

“Dad, God and Jesus weren’t made right? Because if they were made, then nothing would exist…and nor would they [that is to say, unless God is eternal He is not God]. But because they weren’t made, they can make everything else. So in the beginning, there was just God and Jesus.”

“And the Holy Spirit” I added.

He continued “And after a while, they decided to make the earth…so that they could have a place to live, and so that they could have stuff [ok, there is a bit of fuzz there, but wait for it] and so that they could have friendship – with people.”

Are you kidding me? Who are these kids?? I mean, I would say that they have been fed this stuff at Sunday school, except I don’t think that you typically tell kids this kind of stuff at Sunday school. Philosophers and theologians for literally millennia have struggled with questions of eternity, the existence and nature of God, the nature of and the reason for creation. At his tender age Nathan is struggling with these questions, and coming up with answers that are not only right, but profoundly right.

Just thought I’d share. What a wonderful privilege, and yet a disturbing responsibility it is to be entrusted with the lives and the minds of children, each one so precious to God.

Thanks Nathan for your insight!