#893 – Hang On!

Good morning people with perseverance

(By Kevin Forlong)

Over the years we have owned a number of dogs. Many of them big dogs which fall into the category of ‘holding’ dogs…they REALLY hold on! I remember one big male Boxer we owned that I would often have a ‘tug-of-war’ with and I could never win, he would just wear me out with his hold and powerful pulling on whatever we were both holding onto.

One day I decided to win the ‘tug-of-war’ by swinging around the flattened basket ball we were both holding. As I swung around, instead of letting go, the dog just held on more tightly until he was being swung around at my shoulder height. He NEVER let go!

The nose of ‘holding’ dogs slopes backwards so they can hold on and still breathe! I have discovered that’s a great technique to learn