#874 – I’m Good

Good morning people who have Jesus

My younger daughter has just turned fifteen. A few weeks back I had just picked her up from youth and was on the way home. She had been feeling unwell for a few days and that night had sang at youth and now her voice was almost non-existent. I asked her how she was feeling and here was her sincere response:

“I’ve got Jesus; I’m good!”

I love this response!

Firstly it is so good to learn from others and it’s wonderful when we as parents can learn from our children. I sincerely believe that we can learn things all the time from many different sources. We just have to be listening and open.

Secondly I love the philosophy of this profound statement.

“I’ve got Jesus; I’m good!”

You see, although Bree wasn’t feeling great she declared a truth based on her foundation. Her foundation is “I’ve got Jesus”. Just think about that