#865 – Glorify God

Good morning grateful people of God

The book of Romans is a powerful book.

In Romans 1:18-32 we see a devastating picture of humanity getting to the depths of sinful depravity. It is not a nice picture but it is a commonly seen picture.

Have you ever wondered why this happens?

Obviously this question could be answered many ways but there is one verse in the middle of this passage that I believe holds a key for all of us.

Romans 1:21 For although they knew God, they neither glorified Him as God nor gave thanks to Him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened.

It’s great to know God but it’s easy for many to know Him yet still complain and believe He is withholding from them. It’s easy for many to know God yet not glorify Him as God.

Therefore one simple key that would help every person stay on the path God intends, is to live a life of continual glorifying of God and giving thanks to Him. When this is done sincerely from a grateful heart, I believe we will not be one of those that we read about in this passage.

Why not stop today and spend some time in adoration, worship and thanksgiving.