#841 – Mature People

Good morning people who continually learn

I had the incredible privilege of many faith-stirring conversations with Richard Holland, my grandfather-in-law before he passed away at the age of 89. His faith and trust in God was infectious. I’ve also enjoyed several conversations with Kevin Conner who is now in his eighties. Kevin’s deep love for God and The Word is inspiring, and his humility is an example to me.

Recently I was sitting in Gloria Jeans at the airport. A couple of feet away were four elderly people talking. I could hear them talking about spiritual things but it was not in a religious way. I knew these people were deeply in love with God and it was tangible. One of the ladies noticed me glancing their way and she asked if I was interested in the conversation. I said I was so she asked me to come and join them. I did and I had the incredible privilege of 20 minutes at the airport chatting to 93 year old Hal Oxley, his wife Jill, Jill’s sister Trish, and close friend Pamela. I left this brief encounter totally inspired and drawn towards Jesus who clearly shone out of all of them.

All of the above mentioned people have lived life well; very well. Chatting to them is like drawing from a deep and rich well of pure, fresh water