#836 – Milestones

Good morning people who God wants to set free

(By Graeme Cann)

Our focus today is that through God’s unconditional and unlimited forgiveness of us, He has given us Freedom from the Power of Painful Memories.

How can this be?

We all know that in our heads we have the latest Apple Mackintosh computer, and it remembers every painful thing that has ever happened to us. All it takes is for some name or place, or sound or smell, or something else that triggers the recall button, and those painful memories come flooding back.

For more than 20 years I was haunted by memories so painful that when they were renewed in my mind by the sight of a transport truck with my abusers name on the front it would bring me to rage and tears. After the glorious event of finding freedom through the power of forgiveness, I was troubled about what to do with those almost daily reminders of my pain. One day I felt that God spoke to me, not in an audible voice, but through a very strong impression, and this is what He said. “Graeme, all your life, seeing that name on those trucks has been like looking at a tomb stone. I love you and from now on I want to convert your tombstones into milestones.”

Do you see? A tombstone speaks of pain and loss and grief every time you look at it. BUT a milestone tells you how far you have come since you passed the last one. Ever since then, when a painful memory returns I thank God that it is a reminder that I now live in the freedom of forgiveness.

When Peter met Jesus on the beach after Jesus’ resurrection, his most painful memory was that of him denying that he had ever known Jesus. But now as they walk together and Jesus gives him three chances to affirm his love for Him, and each time commissions Peter to serve Him, that painful memory becomes a powerful platform off which he lives the rest of his life. (John 21:15-22)

Take hold of the freedom today of raising up painful memories as memorials to the healing rather than the hurt.

(Today’s BIY written by Graeme Cann)