#775 – Future Generations

Good morning people who remember what God has done

Exodus 16:32-34 Moses said, “This is what the Lord has commanded: ‘Take an omer of manna and keep it for the generations to come, so they can see the bread I gave you to eat in the desert when I brought you out of Egypt.’“ So Moses said to Aaron, “Take a jar and put an omer of manna in it. Then place it before the Lord to be kept for the generations to come.” As the Lord commanded Moses, Aaron put the manna in front of the Testimony, that it might be kept.

Human nature is very quick to forget the good things in life. Therefore we need to intentionally remember the good things and one of these is the miraculous provision of God.

I would have thought that if any people would remember what God had done for them it would be the children of Israel. They lived life constantly seeing the miraculous provision and intervention of God. Equally they constantly lived forgetting it and focusing on their current lack.

But are we much different?

What grabs our attention? How easily and quickly do we forget the last miracle?

I believe we would all do well to capture somehow that which God has done for us. For the children of Israel, it was physically keeping some of what God had provided. Maybe that’s what you need to do. Maybe for you it might be a regular time of thanksgiving as you look around and see what God has done.

It’s important we do this for us but also for future generations. What legacy are we leaving by our conversation of what God has done for us? Aaron was to place the manna in front of the Testimony. What is your testimony? What will those that come after you receive from you about the God that you love and serve?

Reflect, be thankful and talk about the good things God has done for you.