#746 – Staying Connected

Good morning those who live intentionally

(By Margaret McCracken)

It is a tragedy that some married couples just live in the same house and have very little emotional and physical connection. They are busy doing life separately.

As I think about this word, “connecting”, I realise that it has become a real strength in our marriage. What do I mean by “connecting”?

I am talking about continually being aware of your spouse and what is happening in their day. You wake up in the morning and you ask things like “How did you sleep?” and “How are you feeling?” When you have been apart you ask “How was your day?” and ask about specific events that took place. You show affection and are sensitive and responsive to any needs.

What I am trying to communicate here is conveying to your spouse that you care about them and value them and want to be part of their everyday life. With David and me it’s frequent phone calls and just staying in touch. If he has been away all day, it’s being attentive to each other and talking about the day’s events when he gets home. If he is travelling away, whether interstate or overseas, it’s a phone call every day and often more! It conveys