#5773 – A Sustained Spirit

Good morning people who trust God fully as you wait for your miracle.

Proverbs 18:14 MEV The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity, but a wounded spirit who can bear?

God is the Healer. Jesus healed many as He walked the earth, and He made provision for healing through His death and resurrection. Praise God!

But it is also true that not every sickness is healed here and now. Even the apostle Paul asked the Lord three times to take away the thorn in his flesh that was sent to torment him. The Lord’s response was “My grace is sufficient for you.”

I know some people that are physically well and yet their spirit (heart) is wounded. There is a heaviness and a sadness there despite not being sick.

Conversely, I know plenty of people who are presently walking through major illness, yet their spirit is alive and their confident and verbal trust in God is a living testimony of their walk with Father! That is what this verse is talking about!

I hear the words, “A wounded spirit is more damaging than a wounded body.” Wow!

Sometimes the translation of verses doesn’t quite convey Father’s intention as well as it could. I think this verse is one of those instances. Let me explain.

The word sustain here means to keep in, to maintain. Scripture is not telling us that the spirit of a godly man will keep him in his infirmity; or will keep him remaining in his infirmity. It doesn’t mean that godly people will stay sick.

What God wants us to hear is that a God-confident spirit will keep us secure in Him, even in the midst of having an infirmity. It is us who is sustained, not the sickness!

May we know what it is to be sustained in God, even while walking through the difficulty of waiting for our miracle of healing.