#5509 – Timely Words

Good morning people who earnestly desire to hear what God is saying now.

I recently heard the Lord say, “It’s not about the ‘WOW!’ It’s about the ‘NOW!’”

God is moving powerfully in the church today! Miracles are increasing, lives are being eternally changed and countless people are being set free indeed! Hallelujah!

God does this in many different ways, but we must not make a formula out of how God is moving.

How He did things yesterday might be different to how He does things today. We see this over and over again in the Bible. Jesus healed many people in many different ways.

The key to the miraculous is to see and to hear what God is saying and doing NOW; in this moment.

It is about keeping in step with the Holy Spirit. It is about intentionally following God’s lead.

If God says, “Be still and see the salvation of your God”, then we need to be still.

If God says, “Walk around your Jericho for six days in silence, then on the seventh day, walk around it and shout with a loud voice”, then that’s exactly what we are to do!

If God says, “Dip seven times in the Jordan River in order to have your leprosy healed”, then again, we fully honour and obey the word of the Lord.

God knows better than we do!

How attuned is your hearing to the voice of the Lord?

How quickly and how fully do you step out into uncomfortable and strange places at just a whisper from the Holy Spirit?

It’s time to partner with God through hearing and acting on the NOW word of God.