#5332 – Purity, Prayer & Perseverance

Good morning people who are happy to hear whatever God wants to say.

Father has reminded me that writing BIY is to be an overflow of my time with Him. It’s not so much about teaching on a topic, as it is about sharing what Father is saying to me. I pray that this overflow blesses and empowers you in your walk with God.

So, today, I want to share one of the rhema words that Father spoke clearly to me for this year. Here it is:

Father has called me to be a pure prophet, a praying man, and a persevering warrior.

This word is guiding me. This word is motivating me. This word is constantly before me, and the more I meditate on it, the more it unfolds into deeper realms of clarity and delight.

While most of you are not a prophet and many of you are not a man, I truly believe that Father wants to speak to you as I unpack this a little over coming days.

Let’s start with this: Every follower of Jesus is called to purity, prayer and perseverance.

I’m sure you agree with this statement from a holistic biblical view, and that’s great. But theologically accepting a truth is not enough. There is a mandate on our lives to fully embrace and walk by the standards of God’s Word; that is, to walk like Jesus.

Our Lord and Saviour was a pure prophet, a praying man, and a persevering warrior. He exemplified each of these as an example for us to follow.

Tomorrow I will share more on specific things Father is saying to me and showing me, but for now, please take a few minutes to meditate on these three words – purity, prayer and perseverance.

Hold up the mirror of God on your life and ask Him how you are doing in these areas. Allow this to be an honest moment, as this is the best platform for your next step in God.