#5270 – Rejoice in God’s Word

Good morning people who delight in God’s precious and holy Word.

Psalms 119:14 NIV I rejoice in following your statutes as one rejoices in great riches.

Reading, meditating on and walking according to God’s Word is something that we were created to rejoice in, not suffer through.

Legalism has replaced liberty (freedom) for too many when it comes to our view of God’s Word. The devil is behind this distortion!

The writer of this Psalm says that he rejoices in following God’s Word. And not just a little bit, but as one rejoices in great riches! Now isn’t that a different view!

The reason we can rejoice in God’s Word – both in mediating on it and in following it – is because the Author of Freedom wrote it for our freedom!

Our view of God’s Word determines the fruit of God’s Word in our lives.

If it is a rule book to follow, we will not rejoice in it.

If it is a measuring rod for how far we have yet to go, we will not rejoice in it.

But if it is a love letter that points us to God and His goodness towards us – yes, even in His commands to us – then we can and should rejoice in it greatly!

So, how do you view God’s Word?