#5165 – Love Will Obey

Good morning people who honour the Lord by obeying what He says.

John 15:14 NIV “You are my friends if you do what I command.”

This is one of the most direct statements of Jesus’. It is also one of the most needed statements for believers today.

We don’t love God if we just say we love God. The world is full of people who pledge allegiance to God. But this is not enough.

Loving God is synonymous with being a friend of God, and this is measured by our obedience to what He says. It truly is that simple.

We are seeing an increasing number of people who claim to love God and be a friend of God, yet they remain self-willed and disobedient. They are deceiving themselves, and as a result, they are sending the wrong message to the world.

Christians love God. Christians are friends of God. And Christians obey God.

If God says go, we go. If He says stay, we stay. It’s not about what we want, it is about what He says.

If God says give, we give. If God says step up, we step up. If God says step out, we step out. If God says forgive, we forgive. If God says sacrifice, we sacrifice. If God says persevere, we persevere.

In other words – in simple and direct words – Jesus is Lord of our lives, not us. This is what honours God. Not lip-service, but life-service.

Jesus modelled this perfectly to us by doing what His Father told Him to do, including dying   tragically and horrifically on a cross so that you and I can live fully alive.

This is what love looks like. This is what friendship looks like. This is what obedience looks like.