#5160 – To the Father’s Glory

Good morning people who glorify the Father through the life of the Son in you.

John 15:8 NIV “This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.”

In the natural, a gardener is often praised for what a vine or tree produces. Why? Because it reveals His care and attention to detail that results in beautiful fruit being produced.

Our Father is the gardener. Therefore, He is glorified and praised when fruit is produced in our lives through our ongoing connection to Jesus.

Once again, Jesus is pointing us to His Father. Jesus Himself said that He brought His Father glory, and He prayed that we would too. This is really important to Jesus. He wants His Father to be glorified by all of creation, including by us.

Fruitfulness is an evidence of being a disciple. It’s not about how much we know, but it all comes down to the accuracy of our reflection of the One whom we are connected to.

As a disciple, learning is key. By its very definition, a disciple is a pupil and a student. Learning is what a disciple does.

However, we can learn and yet not obey (can we be honest here?). In God’s eyes, what we know is not as important as how we live. And Jesus wants us to live in such a way, that like He did, His Father is glorified.